Animated Posters - 2013 Student Festival

In the 2013 winter term, I was in charge of the poster design of the student festival of our department. The student festival, “砼年不同Young”, and the publicity of the festival have received a lot of attention on campus.

Inspired by famous movies, including V for Revenge, Iron Man, and etc., I designed a list of six animated posters, which have received a lot of views on the Internet. The prototype of these designs is 砼仔 (concrete boy, pronounced [təŋ tsai]).

The six posters are originally posted on RenRen. The posters received a total of 500,000 views with more than 50,000 views for each poster. also invited us to re-post our posters on their site and posted them on weibo, where the posters received more than 6,000 re-post and 1,000 likes.

The followings are the animating posters that I designed.

The Legend of 1900

Inspired by the movie The Legend of 1900.

V for Construction

Inspired by the movie V for Revenge.

Three Idiots and Concrete

Inspired by the movie Three Idiots.


Inspired by the movie Edward Scissorhands.

Edward Sheerwall